A Climate Conscious Row

As a team we are passionate about the environment and protecting our amazing planet, and wanted to bring this approach to our row.

But what does “Climate Conscious” actually mean?

To make this understandable to everyone, we will be sharing candidly the ways in which we will reduce our footprint, starting with: 

  • “Net Zero” Carbon Emissions: We will create carbon during our campaign: it is impossible to do this race without. We will fly to the start line in La Gomera. We will fly home from Antigua. We will sometimes tow our boat with a car during training. However, we will reduce our emissions as much as we can (especially by taking public transport), and buy UN-accredited carbon offsets to compensate for any carbon we do produce. To our knowledge we are the only team in the race who will have a UN-accredited net zero row!
  • Recycling: We will carry all of our rubbish along with us to Antigua. This is a race rule (and yes, they count every empty food packet at the end).
  • Second hand, where we can: To reduce our resource consumption we are using second-hand equipment where it is safe to do so. This begins with our boat, Flo, who made her maiden voyage across the Atlantic in 2022, and will be re-used by us this year.
  • Protecting the ocean: When we wash on the boat, we will use ocean-friendly products that will have no impact on our big blue friend.

A key element of our ethos as a team is to always as the best versions of ourselves.

That includes making the best choices for our Planet.

We are not going to change the course of climate change by doing row. But we will act with integrity and intent to make this row as sustainable as it possibly can be, and hope we can encourage others to do the same.