Vodafone Foundation

As team WaveBreakers, we are proud to be undertaking this challenge for the #YourPlanet campaign, to protect those on the frontlines of the climate crisis: our most vulnerable animal species and climate refugees.

To date, the Vodafone Foundation has raised over £9 million to fight some of the world’s most pressing problems through fitness and fundraising, from the refugee crisis to human trafficking. Now, with the health of our planet reaching crisis point, the campaign #YourPlanet is taking a stand, by supporting the work of charity partners to protect the world we live, love and breathe. 

All money raised by the WaveBreakers is matched by the Foundation – meaning we can DOUBLE the funds going to these hugely important charities and causes – amazing right! Click here to donate.

The climate crisis has impacted natural and human systems across all every continent and ocean. 85% of the world’s population has already been affected by climate change. We must act now to overcome the worst impacts and leave behind a world where our future generations can thrive.

Find out more about the two amazing climate-change focused charities we’re raising money for here.