Katherine Antrobus

I’m Katherine Antrobus and I’m a Business Marketing Manager for Vodafone UK. I’ve worked at Vodafone 11 years and in that time I have also got married and had three amazing children. The next life-changing experience now beckons – the chance to row 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat that’s just over half the length of a double decker bus! 

When the opportunity to apply for this challenge came, I couldn’t resist. It combines two things that have each played big parts in my life to date. I used to river row and cox, and I also have a great affinity for the sea, being lucky enough to spend many family holidays on the ocean in a motorboat. Unfortunately, no motors this time though.

The physical and mental challenge of the crossing is enticing, the team work required is right up my street and the element of ‘survival’ was the tipping point – rowing ‘2hrs on 2hrs off’ for 45 days, relying upon an on-board water desalinator, living off ration packs and becoming extremely accustomed to the entire back-catalogue of ‘Now That’s What I Call Music…’ sounds crazy and amazing!

Wanting to inspire my three young children is also a huge factor in my motivation to make this crossing – so they can see that ordinary people can do extraordinary things if they really want to. Hard work, perseverance and passion get your far – even across the Atlantic. 

The charities we are raising money for are incredibly important to help combat and even reverse the devastating changes that our fellow inhabitants, both wildlife and sealife, are experiencing due to human activity. We should be protecting their natural environments, not endangering their very existence.