Bobbie Mellor

Hello! I’m Bobbie, currently Vodafone Group’s Head of Sustainability. My job is all about transforming Vodafone into a business that supports social progress and brings the unconnected half of the world online, all whilst tackling the climate crisis. 

I’m rowing the Atlantic for two reasons. First and foremost, in support of our two amazing charities tackling the climate crisis. What better way to raise money and awareness, than to go back to basics and cross an ocean powered just by our own oars? My ambition for team WaveBreakers is a climate neutral crossing and I will be working on a strategy to reduce our environmental footprint by offsetting carbon emissions and recycling everything we use.  

Second, and more personally, I firmly believe that as we move through life we need to keep trying new things and pushing ourselves. After a tough time during the first lockdown, I decided to join a rowing club (aged thirty…something), and found an amazing new passion. I’ve always been quite adventurous, but the pandemic really gave me a new hunger to do big things with the life we have, andjump on every opportunity that comes my way.