Hatty Carder

I’m Hatty, 28, working in Engagement for Vodafone Foundation since 2020.

A lover of the outdoors, all things green and blue, I’ve loved exploring from day one. From white water rafting on family holidays, canoes and paddle boards in my years in Canada, to dog sledding in the Arctic, I never say no to an adventure or trying new things.

I started rowing post-lockdown when the return to London felt a little overwhelming after some months in the countryside and I needed a regular dose of the outdoors to keep me happy. When I first put my wellies on down by Hammersmith bridge and experienced my first Thames capsize, I never thought I’d be signing up to row the Atlantic just 2 years later!

I’m excited, nervous, grateful, terrified and every other emotion under ths sun. I hope that the years of cheering people on through megaphones, ringing cowbells at marathons and rallying cyclists across the Alps will mean I bring enthusiasm and energy to the boat.

I feel extremely grateful to have this opportunity through Vodafone Foundation and to support three amazing charities protecting our planet during a climate crisis, and I plan to give it my absolute all throughout the campaign. Bring it on!