Our Boat

Our boat is an R45 – lovingly hand-crafted by Rannoch Adventure, based in Burnham on Crouch. Rannoch has been involved in a world record in every ocean and every race.

Kit List

The kit list needed for the row is extensive and cover all aspects of life on the boat, in all eventualities. 

Expedition food will be made up using a Jet Boil, and daily snack packs will also be pre-made and used throughout the journey to ensure we get the calories needed to compensate for the amount we’ll burn each day.

Safety equipment is essential to ensure a viable crossing – being able to deal with the weather and sea states that will come our way throughout the 3000 miles is par for the course. This includes harnesses to ensue we’re attached to the boat, flares for emergency situations and foul weather gear to keep up able to continue rowing even when the weather takes a downturn.

We also need many items for boat operation, maintenance and manoeuvring including ropes, fenders, anchor and spare rudders. Navigational equipment is required too like a chart plotter and of course the all-important VHF radio to communicate to other ships we may encounter during the crossing.

And of course all the little extras like sun cream, caps, seat pads, a sleeping bag and the all-important bucket (we’ll let you guess what that is used for).