Hila Coggans

Hi, name is Hila. I am an experienced Project Manager working in Vodafone’s IoT Business Planning team.

Being on the water has been a huge part of my life for over 20 years. It’s where I feel most at home! My love of the water goes hand in hand with my love of a good challenge. Over the years I’ve cycled coast-to-coast, completed an ironman, planned and led an expedition to kayak the length of the Grand Canyon, and another to paddle a section of the Zambezi. 

During the pandemic, to keep active and mentally healthy, I set myself the challenge of paddle-boarding the length of the Thames. I find the sense of achievement that comes from learning new skills, from working as part of a team, and from pushing myself physically and mentally both motivating and hugely rewarding. 

Rowing the Atlantic ticks all of these boxes for me and will also push me far outside my comfort zone, so when I saw that Vodafone were putting together a team, I knew I wanted to be involved. Being part of a crew working together to get us across the ocean and to raise awareness for <insert charity name here> feels like a positive next step for me and I can’t wait to get started on the journey.